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Our Story

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style
— Dr. Maya Angelou

The Story of How Feign Came To Be...


The Idea

In 2014, I decided to venture into the unknown, the world of fashion and jewelry. Since then, the road has been nothing less than exciting and a wonderful experience! In 2014, my daughter was away at college and I wanted a fun way to create lucrative income to support her and have a little fun for myself. So i decided to explore my options and ended up exploring a whole new world. And from there, the idea for Josephines Jewelry Boutique took off right away. While operating as Josephines Jewelry, the Boutique mostly carried high end and fashion jewelry for men and women as well as handbags. The boutiques items did very well at the vendor shows, festivals and shopping markets we would (and still do) attend. 


The Name Change

In 2016 Josephine Jewelry was doing very well,  The boutique was gaining plenty of loyal customers, and consistently traveling. Which was great! But on the flip side, customers not only wanted to see more of the boutique but they wanted more options (and we sure wanted to give them more!). So we decided to undergo an entire transformation just to give our customers MORE! Josephine Jewelry, the elegant traveling jewelry and fashion accessory providers you knew and loved transformed into FEGIN. Using the latter end of Josephine and spelling it differently allowed the boutique to take on a trendy edge. Since formerly being Josephine Jewelry we have expanded to clothing (casual, formal, etc.) , shoes, and more on trend items for your fashion needs! 


Where did the name Feign come from? 
Feign is a play on words from the original name Josephine's. 

Will the boutique still be at vendor shows and markets? 
Yes! Absolutely, we will keep you all updated!

Can you schedule a private shopping time? 
Yes! Of course. If you would like to come in on a day when the store is closed or after the store has closed for the day please feel free to give us a call and schedule your private shopping appointment.